Alpha Bravo Canine was founded by Jennifer Green and Kevin Daly. They are mother-son duo who have made it their mission to train service dogs, identify veterans in need and create positive changes for both the veterans and the dogs. The organization is a non-profit that provides trained service dogs to U.S military veterans suffering from combat-related disabilities such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).


The larger challenge that the team faced was to increase the web presence for the organization. The team outlined steps to reach this goal:

  • Build an interactive and simple to navigate website including: informative content, accessible forms and resources for those suffering from PTSD and TBI’s.

  • Craft a fully integrated social media plan on platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Interpret Alpha Bravo Canine’s Facebook content into a coherent website with clear and organized goals.

  • Assist the Alpha Bravo Canine team with technical support while using digital media.

  • Incorporate aspects of Alpha Bravo Canine’s mission, education on PTSD & TBI, a community involvement.

The team utilized WordPress as the platform for website construction to create an engaging site and trained the organization’s leaders on how to create and add content to their page. Furthermore, the team created an Instagram account with Hashtag strategy suggestions.

Our final product for Alpha Bravo Canine was a well organized, easy to navigate and thoughtfully constructed website. As a group, we determined the best approach to social media interactions and website based designs. The strategies we implemented allowed for creativity to flourish. Most importantly, we informed the audience of Alpha Bravo Canine’s mission to raise awareness for and help those with PTSD and TBI’s.

Below are some examples of our #HashtagSuggestions being put to good use!