Community Partner

Fostering Brighter Futures is a campaign with the ambition of making a change in the realm of foster care. With the support of multiple agencies throughout Texas it hopes to shed a brighter light on foster care and all of the families involved. Not only does this campaign set out to help both children and adults involved with foster care, it also sets out to educate everyone about the media misconceptions associated with foster care.

Video created for Fostering Birighter Futures created by Beautiful Social team.


Our group’s challenge with this project was to create content that our community partner could use to express their mission through social media in the forms of infographics and videos. Our group’s goal was to show the positives associated with foster care by highlighting those involved directly. Everyday foster care is portrayed in the media in a negative and false light on top shows such as Law & Order: SVU. Our mission was to combat these views with an accurate representation of foster care through one long video, three short videos, and infographics designed for their Facebook account, Fostering Brighter Futures.

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Strategic Thinking

Our group approached the work that we intended to complete for the Fostering Brighter Futures campaign with an emphasis on planning. While in Wichita Falls, Texas we interviewed many people and knew we had a lot of content to work with, so setting goals and priorities was of great importance to us. We first started with outlining the various themes that were present in each of our interviews conducted. From this it was decided that it would be most effective to make one long video featuring the many people we spoke with, focusing on the positives associated with foster care. We felt that each person said such strong words that really stuck with our group, which is why we approached the infographics with an emphasis on keeping it simple with just the individual and their quote featured. Both the video and the infographics are designed for the FBF Facebook page in order to have more content for users to like and share which will allow the account to grow.


Team TCCWB created four videos and four infographics for our community partner which goes through how each individual got started and their feelings towards foster care. Overall the videos aim to promote foster care in a positive way by sharing stories, a factor that was emphasized in class when discussing storytelling as a means of effective communication. Overall, our group is very pleased with how we were able to take the amount of content we had and utilize it in what we believe is a very effective manner. Of course, we feel that there is still so much more we could create in terms of videos and infographics for the cause!

The team on their trip to Texas to interview and produce the campaign video.

The team on their trip to Texas to interview and produce the campaign video.