Intercultural Journeys is a non-profit organization that aims to promote understanding and peace among individuals of diverse faiths and cultures through dialogue and performances in music, dance, the spoken word, and other art form. Intercultural Journeys presents a concert season each year, featuring diverse performers with unique messages.


Our community partner wanted to rebrand their organization in a way that expressed their mission in a clear and concise manner. With this larger goal in mind, the team focused on a few key aspects:

  • Analyzing the current IJ website in comparison to similar organization’s sites

  • Using free analytics tools to gather both qualitative and quantative data regarding IJ’s social platforms

  • Creating flyers, new logo options, and implementing website features to modernize the message of IJ


The team was able to create visually compelling flyers, logo options, and web design to modernize and rebrand the incredible visions behind Intercultural Journeys. Through qualitative and quantitative research, the team also helped IJ to form a better understanding of their social platforms, and explained and encouraged the use of Hootsuite in regards to Twitter.

Below are some examples of logo options that were designed for IJ.