Lansdowne Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation with the goal of generating economic activity and encouraging investment in Lansdowne through a variety of events and services for current and potential businesses. They also utilize these events to support the town’s growth by targeting young families and millennials. Through the use of social media ranging from Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest, they try to promote the town, its businesses and everything it has to offer to an audience who is interested.


We created a video for our community partner to promote the town of Lansdowne and encourage more people to actively become a part of the community. The video focuses on several businesses that would attract millennials because our community partner is trying to reach out especially to young people, young families, and artists to make Lansdowne a community that will continue to prosper. Our community partner promotes Lansdowne as an arts and cultural community as well as a healthy place to live. We created a short and simple video that highlights the parts of the community that millennials would be drawn to and would make them want to move to Lansdowne.


When first approaching the work we were doing for the LEDC we did some strategic thinking in order to create content that best fit the needs of the community and the LEDC’s mission. One of the first things we did was meet with Jeanne and Debbie and discussed what they wanted us to create for them. They gave us a style guide with the information that they use for various social media platforms. We also looked to various readings such as, Vaynerchucks “The Characteristics of Great Content and Compelling stories” so that we could create content that will interest the target market. We found that we would best reach millennials by putting putting content on the social media platforms that they use most and by making it relevant and relatable. We also felt that a short and simple video would be the best way to capture the audience's attention and interest them.


Our result is the content that we created through based off of what our community partner requested to be in our task to target millennials and highlight everything that Lansdowne has to offer. We made sure to emphasize what makes Lansdowne stand out among other Philadelphia towns to help LEDC persuade new and old customers to Lansdowne. The outcome of our video is people who are apart of the Lansdowne community sharing their own stories on how the town has affected them and their own lives, and why they would recommend it to others. It expresses how much they care about the community and we made sure to emphasize each and every story that properly highlighted Lansdownes best qualities. This video is clearly a result of people who want to share with others why they chose to stay there and what makes it so appealing. Having these stories will help persuade new people to come to Lansdowne, and will help LEDC bring in new audiences.