community partner

The Providence Center  has served the Fairhill neighborhood of North Philadelphia since 1993, providing educational programming for underserved members of the community. The mission of the Center is to give agency to the community members in order to create authentic, lasting change. By offering these types of programs, the community is able to sustain and improve upon itself, creating a radiant and flourishing   neighborhood.


Beautiful Social was tasked with creating videos and photography to showcase what the essence of Providence Center is about based on interviews of stakeholders of the organization.  In order to present the most authentic version of Providence the creative direction of solely interviewing current program participants and college aged students who were mentors in the program was decided upon. This was determined to be the best approach as it would connect with viewers more based on the interactions that the Center received in the social media spheres where they are active.


Strategic Thinking

When conducting research on the Social Media presence of the Providence Center, we learned that the most used social media site is their Facebook page. Many different people took to Facebook to engage with the Providence Center, share their posts, and add comments to their posts with positive and encouraging reactions. We learned through a thorough analysis of Facebook that the most that had the most likes and interactions were those with many children who were happy and making a difference within their community. It seemed to our group that the more children that were present in the photos and in the posts, the more likes and comments the posts received. This research played a key role in making content decisions for our video. We believed that the more children that appeared, the more of an impact the video would have on the audience. Hopefully it be a great way for outsiders to interact with PC!


After much hard work and deliberation, we have completed a video that is full of wonderful stories from children about their experience at the Providence Center. This video is filled with clips from students and mentors that describe the mission of the Providence Center as well as how well rounded the students are. Students explain in all sections of the video why they joined the Providence Center and how it has had a positive impact on their lives both academically and personally. Overall, we learn how the students have thrived while at the Providence Center, and how they have had an impact on the community while in the process. The mission and hard work of the Providence Center is put out there for all to see, and viewers will have a better understanding of what they do.