Providence Center has been providing joy and hope to the Fairhill section of Philadelphia through educational programming since 1993. Most of their students come from Fairhill’s substantial Puerto Rican and Latino population. Providence Center is located in a community with the highest poverty rate in Philadelphia, and as a result are committed to helping hard-working families embrace futures filled with hope and opportunity. Their mission is to educate people to have the power and spirit to transform both their lives and their community.



Our group was given the challenge of creating a video for the Providence Center that would be uploaded to their website. This video included footage of our interviews with David, Maura, some youth, and the teen leaders. Along with the interviews, we were asked to capture footage of what a regular day at the center looks like. At the request of David, the video included lots of footage of the Providence Center while those we interviewed talked about what made Providence Center so special. On top of the video, we were asked to create short videos from the footage we got for Providence Center to post on their Instagram.


We approached the work of creating a video for the Providence Center first talking to Maura and David and deciding what exactly they wanted from us. Their biggest suggestion was that they wanted a lot of the children in their videos and not as much of the two of them. From there we went to their various social media platforms and decided what it is their followers are drawn to the most. We decided that their most well kept platform was Instagram and from there we conducted a thorough analysis on their Instagram page. We ultimately concluded that they really enjoy posting pictures of the students, their most well recognized post was a post in which they express their love for the area, and they focus on sharing experience rather than what they are. From all of that valuable information we generated a promotional video would touches all of those bases and sheds light over the Providence Center.


Immersing ourselves into the Providence Center community and getting to know the kids, the teen leaders and the Directors allowed us to create a video that tells wonderful stories not only about the center but about the individuals themselves. The mission of the Providence Center is communicated throughout the 4-minute long video, in which the message of being more, of being kind and of transforming lives is transmitted through every word. Their efforts to educate, improve the future of individuals, to make them learn about themselves and to help them be successful is represented in every word, every picture and every clip. Our website video, as well as our shorter Instagram clips, show what Providence Center is, but it also shares the stories of those who are behind the name of the organization, and how being part of the community impacts not only the students, but everyone who gets involved.