After a successful project in 2012, Beautiful Social was honored to work with the  Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House a second time. This fall, the organization was looking for assistance with data analytics for their social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our goal was to improve their overall social media presence and provide strategies to increase audience engagement. Our social media analysis of the various accounts went beyond numbers and statistics to include content analysis as well. We presented our observations to the organization and the Ronald McDonald House implemented them immediately.

Community partner

The Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit organization that provides families with seriously ill children supportive services such as a comfortable place to sleep, home-cooked dinners and a community feel. The organization’s efforts began in 1974 by Dr. Audrey Evans, an oncologist working for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who saw the need for a home away from home for families during their difficult and uncertain visits to the hospital.



Within a week there was a dramatic shift in engagement with the social media accounts.  Each platform had a significant increase in number of followers and interactions with posts including liking, sharing, and retweeting.  As we discussed how to help nonprofits achieve their goals through storytelling and authenticity in class, we became excited to create a #ShareYourStory campaign with The Ronald McDonald House.  Through this campaign, the Beautiful Social team collected images, video and stories from children and families staying at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House (with the legal consent that is required). The Ronald McDonald House will now be able to use these images and stories on social media to establish personal connections and to better connect with their online community.