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Roots2Rise is a nonprofit organization that brings Yoga to underserved communities. Through yoga and mindfulness, they bring empowerment and positivity to these communities. Roots2Rise builds relationship and confidence between participants by focusing on breathing techniques and a sense of mindfulness and empowerment. Their goal is to better the wellness of the community and to teach people about the power of yoga.


Beautiful Social partnered with Roots2Rise to help advertise their organization and enhance their social media content. The Beautiful Social student consultants worked to create three videos that advertise the organization as well as appeal to donors. These videos focused on giving the organization an identity, sharing the instructors’ stories about what Roots2Rise has done for them in their personal lives, and spreading their message to donors. Along with the videos, the student consultants also created a Social Media Analysis which analyzed Roots2Rise’s Instagram content and follower interaction.

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As a group we came together and approached the social media revision and creation of the videos from the mindset of the Dragonfly Effect. The strategy we took from this was to apply more of a personality behind the program. With the videos we wanted to share a story, so their audience can get to know them better. We believed that posts which highlighted an instructor or members would work best on their Instagram to accomplish this. For the videos we had to find a way to incorporate donations, therefore we decided that the people should have a reason, or why, to donate. For the reason we generated two other videos: Who is R2R and the Impact of Yoga. We learned through prior reading that people tend to be more willing to participate when they can connect and feel like they have formed a relationship with the company.


After gathering all of our footage we decided to make 3 separate videos showcasing a few different things. We thought it was important to create a video with the purpose of reaching donors and explaining why donors are so important to the non-profit. Our second video is dedicated to the members of Roots2Rise and who they are. We felt that it was important to show the faces of a few of the people who made this non-profit possible. Our last video is dedicated to the practice and the importance of yoga. After hearing about all of the benefits of yoga we thought it was important to highlight some of the aspects of yoga that are the most powerful, such as practicing your breathe.