Community Partner

The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education uses the beauty of nature as well as the art of ecological creation to promote a meaningful connection between people and the environment. The Center incorporates their surrounding forests and fields to encourage an understanding and appreciation of nature in their visitors. This non-profit organization seeks to create a world where learning and growing with nature is possible by fostering the next generation of artistic and environmentally conscious individuals.

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In order to capture the specific and powerful message that the Center wished to communicate, sufficient visuals and unique storytelling were necessities. To increase the Center’s exposure, two promotional videos were needed to showcase its brand and community significance. Engaging media posts and aesthetically pleasing visuals were crucial for engaging the intended audience both educationally and emotionally with the organization's current mission and offerings. Consistency as well as effective social media platforms that adhere to the Center’s passion and vision was required so that the Center be properly presented as an institution that fosters a love in both nature and creativity.

Strategic Thinking

To achieve this challenge we had to discover what makes the Center extraordinary to further envelope their goals. This was done by traveling to the Center and learning about their programs and mission that they wished to convey to their widespread audience. A video was developed that featured both the beauty of the Center as well as the individuals who have made it successful. The video centered on two featured artists who spoke about their contributions and influences on the growing art opportunities at the Center. Still images and b-roll of the surrounding art and environment was intertwined in the film so the audience could visually experience the beauty of the Center. A social media approach was used to further this message by creating compelling photos on Instagram that correlate with the Center’s mission. To achieve this, our group drew on the creative insight of nature documentaries as well as various interview statements.

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Vivid images and striking interviews contributed greatly to the successful outcome of the project. Our team set out to portray the Center in an innovative way to spark interest in their targeted demographic and capture their mission, purpose and ambitions. The social media presence that was created through our multi media storytelling achieved these goals in a way that was both enjoyable and engaging. By highlighting the artist’s installations and the centers achievements, a conversation was started that ignited both curiosity and awareness on the centers theme of preserving the environment through outdoor and indoor art. Our challenge was completed as our final product elevates and enhances the preexisting visual rhetoric of the Schuylkill Center.