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community partner

The Soapbox is a nonprofit book and zine making center, community print shop, and zine library located in Philadelphia.  The Soapbox serves its community of like-minded artists by providing resources, access to equipment, and instruction in printing, binding, and related self-publication arts.  The Soapbox is in the process of relocating to a larger space in 2017, where they can further their mission of providing a place for all people to have access to the means of production and creation of materials that are available to the many rather than the few.


The challenge for our group was to find a way it to promote The Soapbox’s new space in the Kingsessing neighborhood of West Philadelphia. In order to promote The Soapbox and their story, we created two videos: one Artist Spotlight video featuring artist Amanda D’Amico, and one Location Spotlight featuring The Soapbox board members Mary Tasillo and Katie Haegele.  Each of the videos was roughly two to three minutes in length and explained each individual's involvement with The Soapbox and what they hope their new, larger location will provide for them.  

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Strategic Thinking

Our group approached the work that we were to complete for The Soapbox by really focusing on what The Soapbox wanted from us.  After learning more about them and their mission from our initial meeting we were able to get a better sense of what they wanted the content of the two videos to do - essentially to promote The Soapbox and their new location as well as gain membership. Once we understood what The Soapbox wanted their videos to convey,  we were able to shape the questions we asked during the interviews to create usable content for the videos.  This also shaped the way we put the videos together.


As mentioned earlier, we created two “Spotlight” videos - one highlighting an artist’s involvement with The Soapbox and the second highlighting The Soapbox’s new location.  
The “Artist Spotlight” video depicts an interview from a Philadelphia-based printmaker who utilizes The Soapbox’s resources.  This particular type of video is meant to portray to future members the type of community they would be joining, as well as, all the resources The Soapbox has to offer.  The final scene of the video offers information as to how to become a member of The Soapbox.
For the “Location Spotlight” video we interviewed two board members for The Soapbox.  In the video, the board members share what they love about The Soapbox as well as what they hope their new location will offer them - such as, more space for machinery, a comfortable seating area near the Zine Library, the ability to offer more workshops, and the capacity to gain more members.