The Swarthmore Farmers Market is a non-profit organization that strives to bring the community together with local food and artisan vendors. The Market serves the town of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. The Market has a requirement that the vendors must be somewhat local or use local products as much as possible. This community driven and supportive initiative helps stimulate the local economy. The Market aims to support the wellbeing of their residents and promote a healthy lifestyle.


We wanted to show the community aspect of the Farmers Market and did this by interviewing residents of Swarthmore. We used background music and videos that we recorded while attending the Market.

We also wanted to show the what vendors have to offer by being part of this community. We hope to allow potential market goers to have a good idea of what they would be supporting if they did come to the market.

Dogs of the Farmers Market campaign

There are lots of dogs at the market each week and to give the market a fun twist we created photos and captions that can be used to show the market “through a dog's perspective”


In order to get a better feel for Swarthmore, we attended the Market multiple times. Each weekend had different activities and vendors, so there was always something new to record. The videos we set out to make were to try and get more exposure for the Market, and have more residents attend.

We decided to focus on Instagram when working with our non-profit because we felt that that would be the most effective platform to use with the audience that the Market wanted to reach. A majority of their content is on Instagram, and we wanted to help push them in a different direction with how they were presenting their content. When creating the Dogs of the Farmers Market, we modeled that campaign after Humans of New York. This campaign helped us show the Market through a different perspective that we found fun and compelling.


We attended the market on three different occasions with different goals in mind for gathering content. The first day at the market, we gained an understand of the market environment and established a game plan for the type of content we wanted to create. The second day we gathered content for the dogs of the farmers market initiative as well as conducted interviews with a few of the vendors at the market. Our third day at the market we conducted interviews with local market-goers and managers of the farmers market as a way to showcase the community of Swarthmore. We compiled, organized, and edited our hours of footage from the market into two promotional videos highlighting the vibe of the farmers market as a family friendly environment. (we would like to use both of our videos once completed)