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 Community Partner:

The Juvenile Justice Center of Philadelphia is a non-profit organization that strives to help improve the lives of vulnerable youth in the Philadelphia community. JJC provides a variety of programs for families who are in need of services that they may not be able to receive elsewhere. Employees of JJC assist in the reunification of parents with their children, as well as easing the process of foster care and adoption. The mission of the Juvenile Justice Center is to serve the whole person by offering services ranging from mental health to truancy prevention, both in home and on sight.


How can we effectively create a short video for JJC that promotes conversation and encourages involvement of active members in the Philadelphia community to further serve and advocate the mission of JJC? While the Juvenile Justice Center offers a variety of services, they felt as if they were lacking engagement with the community. JJC wanted to post a video on their website to highlight the programs that they provide for families. Although the Juvenile Justice Center has a full staff for their programs, they do not have an assigned committee to maintain their social media presence. JJC expressed that their greatest need that we could fulfill would be to create a video for their website for the Philadelphia community to gain a better understanding of who they are. We felt as if we could combine our skills as a group to create an interview style video as well as give them tips on how to run their social media accounts. The video created featured staff members and their work within specific programs. The goal was to provide a brief overview of the programs offered and show the passion that the employees have for this organization. JJC wanted to shine light on the differentiating factors that set them apart from similar places in the area.


Strategic Thinking:

In preparation for our video, we looked at international organizations similar to JJC and studied how they run their social media. We studied trends that were successful on their social platforms as well as how they showed who they are as a nonprofit through video footage. We met with Jeanine Glasgow, the Executive Director of JJC and brainstormed ideas with her regarding how the video would be formatted to most effectively portray the desired message and story that was going to be shared.

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This video, approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds, included snippets of interviews of employees in the different programs. The clips included in the video encompassed the details of the services provided with clarity and conciseness. We wanted to highlight the variety of services from the employees that directly interact with the given program. This allowed viewers to see not only the unique services offered but also the compassion each employee has for the field in which they work. Having three different staff members to interview allowed viewers to see the multiple programs and how they function on their own as well as with one another.