The Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) is a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia, PA. The JJC has been serving families in Philadelphia and the surrounding regions since 1976, providing them with support, safety and welfare through various programs and services. JJC has many services, the two main ones being their foster care and behavioral health services. JJC helps kids and parents through the foster care system, providing classes and informational sessions for the parents, as well as therapy sessions and other helpful services to the children. JJC strives to help these kids find foster homes and provide them with a foundation of support, with their ultimate goal being the move from foster care and into adoptive homes. They assist families in moving from the foster care system into adoptive, permanent homes. JJC’S behavioral health division provides services for clients with behavioral health challenges and learning differences. JJC’s mission is to care for families and provide a foundation of support.

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Beautiful Social worked closely with JJC to create multiple videos and photographs to encompass the stories of individuals involved with the organization. To accomplish the accurate capturing of these faces and stories, we interviewed various clients and photographed current employees. This was the best approach for this community partner in order to create awareness for potential clients and donors, as well as increase desire for employment. This content was created in preparation for the start of the organizations new social media accounts.


In designing our videos for JJC, inspiration was drawn from examples of previous BSocial community partners, with particular consideration for their usage of background music, B-roll footage, and transitions. Most of our footage came from client interviews, and when editing, we thought about which sections from those interviews most effectively communicated JJC’s impact on its clients’ lives. Our interviews revealed JJC is really accessible to their clients 24 hours a day, whenever they’re needed, and this was important to portray in the final videos. The clients who participated in the interview process benefited from different divisions within JJC; specifically, their adoption planning and behavioral health services. As JJC is a non-profit social services organization, the primary audience we considered while editing included potential JJC clients, who would want to know more about how JJC’s services directly impact families. It was also important to make clear to potential donors the scope and impact of JJC’s work.



Through countless hours and hard work Team JJC was able to successfully help the Juvenile Justice Center by creating multiple videos and high quality photographs to engage their audience. Through this effort, the hope is that the content created for the organization allows more people in the Philadelphia area become more aware of the Juvenile Justice Center. It is clear that through our efforts the JJC still has a long way to go. They have to become more used to using social media and recording their events and engaging their audience but they are on the right track. From working with our community partner at the social media workshop, it is clear that they are ready to do what is necessary to get the name of their organization out there. Which is why our group believes that the future of the JJc is brighter than it has ever been.