Ubuntu Philadelphia aims to create a dialogue between people who have caused violence and people who have been impacted by violence. This event works to create a dialogue among perpetrators of violence, victims of violence, and families of victims. Ubuntu works closely with The Redemption Project, which documents and shares the stories of juvenile lifers to increase public knowledge of mandatory life-without-parole sentences. Working together, these organizations facilitate healing among communities and spread awareness of the criminal justice system.


Ubuntu itself does not have any social media accounts. Our challenge was to create three promotional videos for The Redemption Project’s social media instead. These videos will be used to promote the purpose behind Ubuntu Philadelphia’s next open forum event.


Our aim for these videos was to communicate the stories of our interview subjects, who are involved with both Ubuntu and The Redemption Project. We approached these videos by emphasizing and promoting the dialogue among the community that Ubuntu creates. To do this, we focused on the personal stories of our interview subjects, Kempis Songster and Rosalind Pichardo, as a way of persuading our audience to be open-minded about the dialogue Ubuntu facilitates. We wanted to capture the emotional side to their stories, as well as the positivity and hope for redemption that they both exhibit, which is possible through this event.


We created three promotional videos showcasing Kempis and Rosalind to create awareness about the Ubuntu event by sharing their inspirational stories for the community of Philadelphia to see. Our videos used Kempis and Rosalind’s interviews to encourage members of the community to be open to conversations about violence and to embrace the power of healing.