The Upper Darby Arts and Education Foundation (UDAEF) works alongside the Upper Darby School District (UDSD) to ensure that students have access to a well rounded education both in and outside of the classroom. UDAEF believes that each student is entitled to extracurricular activities that challenges them outside of the classroom and creates the opportunity to discover their passions. UDAEF, founded in 1988, uses funding to enrich the educational and extracurricular programs that the UDSD budget does not cover. The goal is to provide students with opportunities to grow individually, with their classmates, and within the Upper Darby community.


Our task this semester was to increase connections of Upper Darby alumni with the foundation, specifically through the use of social and digital media. In addition to conducting a social media analysis of UDAEF’s Twitter account, we also produced three videos from A Sweet Night Out, highlighting alumni from the Upper Darby arts program and how their experience in the program continues to positively impact their life. Additionally, we conducted a social media workshop with members of the organization where we focused on Instagram and how they could best make use of the platform to share their mission with the community.


Since we attended the Sweet Night Out event so early in the semester, we went into it not fully knowing how to portray what our community partner wanted. After the event, we had a much better idea of how to storyboard the video and how to incorporate what our community partner wanted. We planned the video so that it would help attract and connect alumni, making sure the community values of UDAEF were clear throughout the video. Our approach for UDAEF was to learn as much about the Upper Darby community as possible. Having the opportunity to attend A Sweet Night Out gave us the opportunity to experience the vibrancy and passion that is so present in the community. We also were able to learn how their work extends outside of music and the arts, incorporating service and other community partnerships into what they do. We made sure to highlight these different aspects of the foundation in the three videos we produced. Seeing the energy and love that so many alumni still have for Upper Darby helped us to understand the importance of the foundation and motivated us to produce the best content possible.


We utilized different techniques in order to portray UDAEF’s message, produce the best content possible, and ensure their story was told effectively. While attending the Sweet Night Out event, we were able to incorporate b-roll, conduct interviews, and manage a photo booth, in order to capture and show the multi-dimensional experience.

Our final deliverables were one long promotional video directed towards alumni, and two shorter videos to be used on their Instagram profile. The longer video encompassed the Sweet Night Out event along with multiple interviews that summed up the organization. The shorter videos were focused on more direct quotes and information. We provided a social media workshop geared towards Instagram in order to provide more insight about their account. We discussed topics we believed would best benefit them, including storytelling and hashtags. Since that time, they have been more active in sharing photos with their followers.

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